Louise Digby BSc

Nutrition Support & Clinical Measures

Louise is a registered nutritional therapist and experienced phlebotomist. Louise works with clients on a 1-2-1 basis helping them to overcome their health challenges and achieve long-term well-being.

Louise's advice is individualised and she inspires her clients to choose foods that will nourish their bodies and to minimise foods that are less beneficial. Louise has run her own nutrition practice for 4 years and has worked with many clients with different chronic conditions.

Louise's particular area of interest is digestive health and conditions such as IBS. Louise was also director of The Specialist Health Centre, where her work was focused on an integration of nutrition, physical therapy, physical training, and talking therapies. Here, Louise also worked with Anglia Ruskin University to research the affect of dietary and lifestyle interventions on cancer survival. Louise is registered with the CNHC and a member of BANT.

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