Victoria Hamilton BSc DipION

Nutritional Therapist

Victoria is a registered Nutritional Therapist and has a BSc in Biochemistry and Immunology. Victoria offers personalised nutritional therapy for busy individuals working in a corporate environment who are seeking better performance and need convenient healthy options to fit in with their lifestyle.

Victoria worked in large multinational corporations for 14 years as a Chartered Accountant before becoming a Nutritional Therapist so understands the demands of a professional career, and offers practical, simple and effective lifestyle and dietary advice so that her clients feel skilled to make healthy food choices and to take steps to form positive daily habits to help increase energy, productivity and happiness.

Victoria uses her knowledge of the immune system to help support clients with immune disorders including autoimmunity, with a particular interest in chronic conditions which cause chronic fatigue and energy depletion, brain fog and memory issues and difficulty managing weight.

Victoria runs a functional medicine based nutritional therapy clinic in the City of London and Clapham and also offers onsite check in clinics as well as work place nutrition workshops on subjects such as food and mood, energy optimisation and stress support as part of her corporate wellness offering.

Victoria is registered with the CHNC and is a member of BANT.

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