Making sense of complexity

Health is affected by a very complex mixture of factors, which can be difficult to understand.

Popular press simplifies this by focusing on specific aspects or hot topics, but this often creates conflicting messages. The science meanwhile can be daunting.

XenoVida brings together experts from a range of backgrounds to unravel this complexity and explain health in a way relevant to your life and body.

Our health is a complex mix involving what we eat (nutrition), levels of physical activity, behavioural factors, socioeconomic factors, environmental exposures, genetics, epigenetics, metabolism and the gut microbiome. Consequently, any attempt to isolate one of these elements and claim it is the route to optimal health is not going to be successful.

We are surrounded by stories of “super-foods” and “miracle diets”, the fitness lobby will insist that it is all about exercise, and the behaviourists believe we can think ourselves well. The reality is much more complex. It is all of these things and more, each of which come in many dimensions. No wonder we are all so bemused and puzzled as to what to actually do.

At XenoVida, we attempt to make sense of this complexity and provide information to you, about you. This is all based on the best and latest science from the scientific literature to build a comprehensive picture of you.

We collate multi-dimensional information to isolate the key issues specific to you. It is by seeing the bigger picture, that we can reveal simple solutions to a seemingly impossible puzzle.

A comprehensive picture of you

XenoVida collates a wealth of carefully selected, quality information about you, and interprets this with utmost scientific integrity.

We look in detail at the mechanisms that control your body, your body composition, your lifestyle and what you eat.

By capturing the 'big picture' we reveal the real issues that underpin your health and also show how things are working.

Our approach is supported by the wealth of data that we gather to understand your body. We combine measures of multiple physiological processes, for example control of blood glucose, lipid profiles and inflammatory status, in order to get to the core mechanisms that are controlling your body.

We combine this with information about your size, shape and body composition and also your behaviours towards food, exercise and other lifestyle factors, to generate a solid foundation of information about your health; after all, data is at its most powerful when used collectively.

Our in-depth scientific knowledge and extensive experience allow us to assess your data in detail and to consider the information in the most meaningful way. All our analyses are developed using the latest scientific research and healthcare practices.

All this information is carefully interpreted knowing who you are: your diet, the amount of exercise you do, your lifestyle, medical condition and importantly your ambitions for better health, to ensure that our conclusions are most valuable for you.

More than just data

We believe that simply having data is not enough: it is how it is used that really matters.

The ability to identify the key issues within the right context, combined with a proper understanding goals, enable us to generate optimal solutions.

We transform the information we gather about you into constructive guidance on how to improved your health for the future.

XenoVida understands that the key to achieving positive change goes beyond simply having data, but by using it properly. We want you to be able to use your information to it's full potential, so in addition to explaining what is happening in your body and why this occurs, we turn the "what" and the "why" into "how".

We show you how to move forward in the right direction for your health. We transform your data into constructive, personalised information describing what the data means for you, and then giving recommendations and advice on how to achieve your goals. We focus on finding a realistic solution tailored to your specific circumstances and by providing a workable way forward.

XenoVida believes that the detailed picture we build of you should be interpreted and presented in a way that gives maximum benefit to you. We think carefully about you and your lifestyle to generate constructive advice, reassuring you that real benefits to your health are possible. We also provide access to a support network to help you to make the dietary and lifestyle changes which will improve your health.

Giving confidence and support

Our view is positive and forward-looking and fundamental to this approach is helping you to prevent illness.

Our well-considered recommendations and advice will give you confidence and reassurance that your efforts are best-placed.

Making a change can be difficult, so our highly-experienced support team give extra encouragement.

At XenoVida, we want you to make positive and sustainable improvements to your health that last a lifetime. Changes must be achievable and with the comfort of knowing that you are doing the right things.

XenoVida will give you personalised recommendations, to give you confidence in these changes and maximising your chances of success. We hope that our robust scientific foundation and thorough interpretation, is successful in not only reaching the right conclusions, but also in offering you reassurance that your efforts will be focussed on the most appropriate areas for you.

We understand that making changes to food choices and lifestyle can be hard, particularly in the context of our busy lives. If you need more help in taking these steps, we offer a support base of qualified, experienced specialists, including nutritional and behavioural experts, so that you can take control of your health and look forward to the future.

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