XenoVida's unique health profiling and support help men and women become healthier, age well, reduce pain and stress, lose weight and feel more energised.

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To book a Complete Profile please contact us at admin@xenovida.com

You will be able to book an ESSENTIAL Profiling session at The Unique Body Clinic, Braintree :

  • An extensive health assessment
  • We begin by capturing information on your current health, lifestyle and behaviours. You will be asked to complete a series of scientifically validated questionnaires online. Read More

    You will also make an appointment at one of our clinics for your measures session; alternatively, you could take advantage of our 'We Come to You' service.

    During your 40 minute appointment, we measure your anthropometrics (for

    example your height, waist, hip and blood pressure) and body composition (for example your percentage muscle and fat) using a body analyser. We also take a small blood sample from your arm for analysis of your blood biochemistry. Read More

  • A comprehensive Health Status Report
  • Your data is collated into a comprehensive Health Status Report, which is clearly presented and carefully explains what the results mean for you. Your report describes your anthropometrics and body composition, blood biochemistry and questionnaire data.

    This report also contains your personalised recommendations and advice from our team of experts. Your current health status is considered alongside your lifestyle, behaviours and ambitions, in order to identify realistic and positive changes that will improve your health.

    Read More

  • A personal online account
  • This gives you a private hub in which to view your reports and to communicate with our team. A host of additional reading materials will be available to you to enable you to learn and explore the science behind health and nutrition. Read More

  • Next steps planning
  • We appreciate that understanding health challenges and making changes may be daunting. We would like to support you on your journey as you optimise your health and make sustainable changes. After you have received your Health Status Report, we will talk your through your options for enrolling for additional support (either nutritional advice or behavioural coaching) if appropriate.

    Our support services offer 1:1 coaching designed to help you achieve your personal goals through reassurance, encouragement and professional guidance.

    We also offer progress measures and a report so that you can monitor changes to your body.


XenoVida offers a Re-Profile service to all clients, whether they have followed a Programme or not. We would suggest a minimum of 12 weeks from the start of making any changes.

We hope you will be interested in this repeat health status assessment to measure how your health and wellbeing have improved over this period.

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